Remember Yaya

Abolition ConferenceJune 23/24, 2023
Under the title 'Racial Capitalism | Crises | Abolition', a movement conference took place on the weekend of June 23 - 25 at Kampnagel Theater in Hamburg. The 2-days-event, served the exchange and networking of all those who struggle against police violence and imprisonment, borders and closure, patriarchal violence and ecological destruction, exploitation and the increasing production of people as “unnecessary“ - in short: racial capitalism. The conference aimed to further anchor the analysis and critique of racial capitalism and its various facets, specificities and global articulations in the German context and to strengthen productive conversations and solidarities between local movements and global struggles for other worlds.
The Initiative in Remembrance of Yaya Jabbi was also invited. You can watch the speeches and panel discussions in the video recording.

Also, more information is available here.
The Life of Yaya JabbiFebruary 19, 2023
On February 19th, 2016, Yaya Jabbi was found dead in his cell at the Hahnöfersand remand prison. The sudden death of Yaya as a result of the states „fight against alleged drug dealers“ shocked many people in St. Pauli, including relatives, friends, and neighbors. But who was Yaya Jabbi as a person, beyond the crimes he was accused of? Where did he grow up, and what stages in his all too short life where important for his friends and family?

Our initiative together with Yayas relatives has collected photos, which were turned into a motion graphic by graphic artist Whitney Bursch and filmmaker Timo Selengia.

After this year's commemoration event, on February 18th, 2023 we screened the film publicly for the first time. Afterwards there was a conversation with the makers of the film and Yaya's brother.
The Yaya Jabbi Circle on February 19, 2023. Two stones in the foreground with Yayas name written on them. Protesters in the background, with a banner 'Racism Kills'
ReMapping Memories Lisboa - Hamburg: (Post)Colonial Sites of MemoryJuli 21, 2022Person is reavealing a street-sign which says 'Yaya Jabbi Circle'. Protesters and harbour-cranes in the background.
"ReMapping Memories Lisboa - Hamburg: (Post)Colonial Sites of Memory" is a multi-year project of the Goethe-Institut Portugal with partners in Lisbon and Hamburg. It is dedicated to the "stone turned" traces and legacies of colonialism and anti-colonial resistance in public space in the two port cities of Hamburg and Lisbon. Using the example of two centers of European imperialism, the project shows which traces and inscriptions of the colonial exist in European cities up to the 21st century and thus aims to contribute to the decolonization of public space. Read the detailed contribution of the initiative in memory of Yaya Jabbi here:

Re-Mapping Memories Lisboa
We are here - A Digital Cartography ProjectFebruary 2022
"Wir Sind Hier" (We Are Here), a digital cartography project by the artist Talya Feldmann. It was generated in close collaboration with initiatives and individuals combating racism and antisemitism across Germany, invites users to imagine how remembrance, from city streets to monuments, could and should look like today as an active form of resistance and change.
In cities like Berlin, Hanau, Halle, Hamburg, Mölln, Essen, Erlangen and Munich, the project claims spaces of remembrance through the voices and demands of families, initiatives, and those affected by right-wing terror and police brutality who are all too often pushed to the background.

"Wir Sind Hier" offers a digital space for individual and collective mourning and resistance. It claims We Are Here — the names of those who must remain in our cities, who are here and never to be forgotten, and it claims We Are Here — the voices of those who actively remember them — who are here, fighting, no longer to be silenced.

Wir sind hier - Ein digitales Kartografieprojekt
Yaya Jabbi CircleFebruary 18, 2018Close up photo of the 'Yaya Jabbi Circle'-street sign on a sunny day. Park Fiction in the background
On Sunday, 18th February 2018 we opened the Yaya Jabbi Circle at Park Fiction. On the morning of the 20th February, the new street sign and the plaque have been removed. The Yaya Jabbi Circle is a sign that Yaya will not be forgotten. We need memorial places to remember the victims of the racist system. The roundabout is a part of Park Fiction. The Park Fiction Komitee is happy to see the memorial place for Yaya in this Circle. We will not forget about Yaya, nor will we forget about the circumstances under which he died! We will not let them take away this place of remembrance! Black lives matter!
Remember Yaya Jabbi!February 2018Poster inviting to the remembrance-manifestation on February 18, 2018, 2-4pm
Yaya Jabbi was arrested by the police on the 14 January 2016 at Hamburger Berg. He was accused of being in possession of 1.65 grams of cannabis. Four days later he was brought to Hahnöfersand prison. In the night from the 18 19 February. Yaya died in his cell. According to the judicial authority he committed suicide. However, the judicial authority had previously determined there was no danger of Yaya committing suicide. Yaya's family and friends are left behind without justice, without truth. One day before the annual day of Yaya's death, we want to break through this silence and express our grief, our anger and remember Yaya, as well as other victims of this racist system and racist violence. Flowers are welcome.

Stop the racist police controls! - Shut down the 'Task Force'!

Stop war on migrants!

Freedom of movement is a human right!
'Remember to Act' Conference in RemembranceFebruary 18, 2017
On the 18th of February we had a Conference in Remembrance of Yaya Jabbi, to which we invited different initiatives, that organise in remembrance of somebody who was killed for racist reasons, against racist police controls and affected people. In different working phases, we mainly spoke about the topics:

- Remembrance of people who were killed for racist reasons, or inside the racist system

- Stop racist police controls

- Furthermore we watched 'Les coups de leurs privilèges' (2016, 50 min, Frz with german subtitles, a movie about self organisation of affected people of racist police violence in France. Regisseur Sabrina Thawra was there to discuss with us.
ManifestationJune 2016Three front banners hold by people at a protest march. Left one says 'Freedom of Movement', second one 'in Gedenken an Jaja Diabi, stoppt die rassistischen Konktrollen! in remembrance of Jaja Diabi, stop the racist police controls! en mémoire de Jaja Diabi, s'arrête les contrôles racistes', third one 'solidarity for everyone'
There was a very strong demonstration organised by the Initiative in Remembrance of Yaya Jabbi (at the time a networking group) in June 2016.